Our Mission

Communities United for Action (CUFA) uses the power of diverse, grassroots people to create a strong voice for low- and moderate-income residents and to build thriving, sustainable communities for all.

In 1978 seven low-income Cincinnati residents froze to death in their own homes because they could not afford their heat bills. Communities United For Action (CUFA) fought for and won a "no winter shut-off" provision. Around the same time, a group of grandmothers living in public housing needed help fighting evictions for taking in their grandchildren. CUFA won a permanent spot for a resident on the Metropolitan Housing Authority and subsequent changes in public housing policies. The first organizers and neighborhood leaders united these groups to found CUFA in 1980, so they could support each other and win.

Communities United For Action (CUFA) organizes low-income residents and people of color to address the racism and classism that have led to historic and ongoing inequity. We believe that access to water, affordable utilities and fair housing are human rights. We work together to hold decision makers accountable for fixing our sewers, making our utilities affordable, and ensure everyone has access to housing they can afford. We support efforts that are good for the earth, reduce our bills, and create sustainable jobs.

CUFA is an affiliate of People's Action.