Housing & Energy Action Team

Communities United for Action has a long history of organizing to create safe, stable and healthy neighborhoods. From fighting for protections for subsidized housing residents to negotiating community reinvestment money, CUFA is focused on improving Cincinnati resident's quality of life.

The foreclosure crisis left many Cincinnati neighborhoods with a stock of vacant housing. The majority of these homes did not sell and remained with the bank who filed the foreclosure. When concerned residents noticed properties falling into neglect, there was no system of maintenance or accountability.

CUFA brought together neighborhood leaders and City officials to address the problem and was successful at getting the Vacant Foreclosed Residential Property Ordinance passed in Cincinnati. This ordinance has resulted in a reduction in neglected, vacant properties and gives residents a method for getting action on vacant buildings still owned by banks.

And CUFA's work to increase access to safe, affordable housing continues. Join us as we work to:  

  • expand assistance programs for home repairs and energy efficiency upgrades,
  • reduce energy shutoffs, and
  • win permanent funding for Cincinnati's Affordable Housing Trust Fund.
CUFA's Housing & Energy Action Team meets on Second Thursdays from 6-7:30 PM. Check for details on the CUFA Calendar here.